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Challenge the Norm

I think we find pieces of who we are at multiple stages in life. One event may lead us to one realization, while another years later may evolve that original thought into something of greater substance. I am young, I don’t know what I  want to do, but I do have work experience and I know this: I’ve learned that people abuse the positions they are in, the people who work under them, and the lines of morality. (I use the term morality in terms of what is legal and “right”. IE: sexual harassment; saying you’re a christian, yet running your business differently than what you preach; not hiring someone based on prejudices).  So, while I may not know the exact job function where I will thrive, I know who I don’t want to work for and what I am willing to put up with.

It’s hilarious to me that older generations love to point out all the flaws of Gen X and Gen Y, without ever looking at their own short comings. I am not saying that my generation does not have a sense of enlightenment, I’m saying that the ever judgmental baby boomers have their own issues too. I’m at an age where most of my superiors have been baby boomers and what I’ve learned from them is this:

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Being Heard

As a young professional, breaking into a new industry can be difficult. Regardless of your attempts to use your education, gain new communication skills, and learn from seasoned professionals, many experienced co-workers may not be willing to listen to your ideas or take your suggestions; they may even be border line insulting when you offer insight. In such situations, it is important to remember that it is just another opportunity to learn and practice professionalism. Though it may be difficult, self control is a key factor to being successful. If someone is criticizing your ideas because you are young and inexperienced, do not loose your composure. Most importantly, when you are insulted or upset, do not let your emotions show in your demeanor or enable you from proceeding with your work. Keep a collected attitude and do not get discouraged, add your input where it is important and valuable; do not get drawn into another person’s demeaning or sarcastic behavior. Continue reading

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Work For Your Job Not Theirs

Walking around an office you hear gossip and chatter of how things could be run differently; you even hear it among friends outside of work. My question to each employee is not what they think should be done differently in someone else’s position, but what can be done differently in their own to make it more efficient. Not all confrontation is unhealthy, but every form of gossip is; if you as an employee have a problem with the way someone else is doing their job and it is not your position, keep it to yourself unless it is unethical, then take it to your superior. If you believe your position can be improved, I am fairly certain your boss will not have a problem with you finding a more efficient way of doing your job because efficiency leads to more revenue. Continue reading

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Be Content

The other day some one suggested I write about being content with who you are. Many self help books address this matter. I personally am not a fan of many of them because I see so many people read these types of books and never change, they just want to feel good about themselves for a short period, so they keep reading & keep buying knew books instead of actually changing. Lets face it, most people do not change, they are just self help junkies.

To get back on topic, I think there are two sides to being content with your self: one says that you should be totally comfortable with who you are at all times & the second (my idea of being content) is that you can only find contentment through self progression, that is not linked to success or failure but instead to your self worth and personal efforts. Continue reading

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Strategic Creativity

Regardless of what field you are in, there is usually some one else who makes more money than you, though they have the same profession. For most business owners, there is usually another business who offers similar services and who has a larger more consistent customer base. Life will always be unfair, but in business you can always count on change and systems. Yes, another business may be having more success than you, but why? There is always a reason, it is not just luck. If you are a salesmen, there is a reason other salesmen may be getting more monthly sales than you. As a technician you may wonder why other businesses who offer a similar product sell more units, there is a reason. No business or individual excels at a job because of blind luck; this should give you hope if you are seeking to become better within your profession. Continue reading

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Professional Faults

Professional Faults, we all have them. Some of these things stem from personal weaknesses but many of them come from a lack of experience or a change in dynamic/ atmosphere. The way we interact on a personal level or in personal relationships is often very different from the way we interact professionally. Personal and professional situations are very different and call for different responses. Continue reading

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