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Challenge the Norm

I think we find pieces of who we are at multiple stages in life. One event may lead us to one realization, while another years later may evolve that original thought into something of greater substance. I am young, I don’t know what I  want to do, but I do have work experience and I know this: I’ve learned that people abuse the positions they are in, the people who work under them, and the lines of morality. (I use the term morality in terms of what is legal and “right”. IE: sexual harassment; saying you’re a christian, yet running your business differently than what you preach; not hiring someone based on prejudices).  So, while I may not know the exact job function where I will thrive, I know who I don’t want to work for and what I am willing to put up with.

It’s hilarious to me that older generations love to point out all the flaws of Gen X and Gen Y, without ever looking at their own short comings. I am not saying that my generation does not have a sense of enlightenment, I’m saying that the ever judgmental baby boomers have their own issues too. I’m at an age where most of my superiors have been baby boomers and what I’ve learned from them is this:

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