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Taken By Samantha Hollyfield

Taken by Samantha Hollyfield




Love can be complicated, but showing love is simple. To show love, you reach out and care for someone in a way that speaks to them and not you. Love is selfless, thoughtful, and fights for what it longs to protect.  

L o v e

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Yard Work Hard Work

If you have a dog you know they love helping you with yard work; whether you are watering the lawn or using a leaf blower. Below are a few moment I captured of my parent’s dog playfully trying to attack the air from the leaf blower. I hope you enjoy her silly faces; she looks like she is getting a dental check up or making a serious scary face in a few of the pictures.

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Tips For Doing Something New

Many people have dreams of starting new projects, embarking on a new venture, or even changing their career, but for some reason they never tell anyone; usually they keep these desires to themselves because of their insecurities. However, if they shared their thoughts, the feedback of others might lead them to the professional connections that might help them fulfill their dreams.

Feedback from others might give you the confidence and support to make your dreams a reality, or it may lead you to the realization that those dreams may not be the wisest idea. Below are a few tips for doing things you have never done before: Continue reading

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Strategic Creativity

Regardless of what field you are in, there is usually some one else who makes more money than you, though they have the same profession. For most business owners, there is usually another business who offers similar services and who has a larger more consistent customer base. Life will always be unfair, but in business you can always count on change and systems. Yes, another business may be having more success than you, but why? There is always a reason, it is not just luck. If you are a salesmen, there is a reason other salesmen may be getting more monthly sales than you. As a technician you may wonder why other businesses who offer a similar product sell more units, there is a reason. No business or individual excels at a job because of blind luck; this should give you hope if you are seeking to become better within your profession. Continue reading

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