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Flaws in Friendship

Today, I had a conversation about friendship.

Over time, we get caught up in our everyday rhythms and lose track of those we care about. Granted, when you move to a different state or just a differendoor-opent place in life, friendships change. You lose friends and you gain friends, but I think we should be careful just how we chose to let go of people. In my naivete, I have abruptly closed doors in order to move forward. While this may have been easier for me, my actions were not always kind. That isn’t to say that there aren’t occasions where an abruptly closed door isn’t necessary. Merely, that it’s important to consider that what might be easier to you, might be hurtful to others. It’s important to make conscience decisions about closing doors, because once their closed they aren’t easy to re-open.


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Being a Part of Something

It seems as though everyone is trying to be a part of a movement, a trend, or a lifestyle (all of which could be linked). When you ask someone what they “are supporting”, “believe in”, or “donate to” everyone seems to have some long winded opinion. I think it is great that today’s youth are trying to link themselves to something they morally believe in, but my question is whether or not they fully understand what they support.

For instance, so many young Americans love to sport Che Guevara shirts. Do they know Che was a communist? Most of them just associate him as a “revolutionary”, which he was . . . he as a Marxist revolutionary. Marxism is associated with “pure communism”; communism is not something people are usually willing to associate with, yet so many unknowingly wear shirts of a person who supported communist theories. It is for that reason, I implore my generation to study what they support.

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Work For Your Job Not Theirs

Walking around an office you hear gossip and chatter of how things could be run differently; you even hear it among friends outside of work. My question to each employee is not what they think should be done differently in someone else’s position, but what can be done differently in their own to make it more efficient. Not all confrontation is unhealthy, but every form of gossip is; if you as an employee have a problem with the way someone else is doing their job and it is not your position, keep it to yourself unless it is unethical, then take it to your superior. If you believe your position can be improved, I am fairly certain your boss will not have a problem with you finding a more efficient way of doing your job because efficiency leads to more revenue. Continue reading

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Conflict and Opposition

I have noticed two things lately: you are either emotionally stunted by conflict/opposition or you burst through the bubble of your emotional limits and reach a new place of awareness. Many times we are forced through opposition, we struggle severely, and come out of it emotionally confused; but somehow without even trying, something about us is different. Continue reading

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