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Taken By Samantha Hollyfield

Taken by Samantha Hollyfield




Love can be complicated, but showing love is simple. To show love, you reach out and care for someone in a way that speaks to them and not you. Love is selfless, thoughtful, and fights for what it longs to protect.  

L o v e

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I don’t often post about my family or friends… But, I just got married, so I figure I will share about the love of my life and how we met.

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Yard Work Hard Work

If you have a dog you know they love helping you with yard work; whether you are watering the lawn or using a leaf blower. Below are a few moment I captured of my parent’s dog playfully trying to attack the air from the leaf blower. I hope you enjoy her silly faces; she looks like she is getting a dental check up or making a serious scary face in a few of the pictures.

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Some Days are Fun Days

Here are a few photos from a month and a half ago of my self and a few special people in my life. I love when I can capture someone doing something silly.

The photo below is of me. It was taken by Nathan, who will be introduced to you in the next photo. We both are having a great time learning how to use my EOS Cannon Rebel t3i.

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A Dog’s Day Out: Sunday at the dog park

Bella is my parents’ white 6 month old boxer; check out Bella and all her friends at the dog park in the pictures below:
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Pet Mania

I am still learning how to use my Canon Rebel T3i; hopefully as I post more pictures you can see the difference. My significant other and I have two little shadows that follow us from room to room. Below and to the left are a few pictures of our constant companions. Everyday they do something crazy, whether it is tackling the other off a table or actually jumping into a cup. Hopefully these photos give you a little peek into their everyday shenanigans.

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Amateur Photography On a Sick Day

I Am An Extremely Amateur Photographer. . . 

I just got a Canon Rebel T3i with the EF 75-300 mm lens & the EF 18-55 mm lens.

This past week I have been sequestered indoors with bronchitis and been unable to work with the company I’m consulting for or enjoy sipping tea on the porch while the rain falls; the latter was to my dismay because it does not rain here very often, so I was very disappointed.

Below are a few of the pictures I tried to take of myself. I have yet to purchase a stand so I had to get creative and I am still not an expert with photoshop. So feel free to criticize, ignore my post, or just take a look . . .  Any feedback would be fine. If you are a photographer, your feedback would be especially helpful; I am still getting familiar with my camera and trying out the different functions.

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