Stairs of Doom

How does it happen? How do we get to a point where we don’t know what to do or where to go next. We make plans, agendas, form dreams, and somehow they all come to a screeching halt. How does this happen?????????!

Life never stops. It’s as if we are in this hamster ball of doom that is falling down a never ending stair case. But, then one day our ball starts rolling down the stairs so quickly it forms this anti gravity affect within it self and we start floating inside. Instead of fumbling around and trying to keep up, we are suddenly paralyzed. We can no longer plan, no longer adjust our calendar, no longer organize, we are just frozen as life keeps spinning by… So, what do we do in that moment? I can honestly say I have no idea. Horrible advice, right?

Well, I say I don’t know because I think we all become “paralyzed” for different reasons. While it would be easy to say, “believe in yourself; be strong; move one”. I don’t think any of those sayings actually have substance; I think they sound foolish to the person who hears them and feels immobilized. Sometimes life is horrible, devastating, and earth shattering. I think there are moments when we need to just float inside our anti gravity hamster ball that is spinning so fast we can’t even feel the ground. I think we just have to let the world slow down before we can even start to form an idea of what we are going to do next. We just have to breath and watch everything fly by.

Everyone is so eager to not let life escape them and to live in the moment, but part of living is allowing yourself to breath, quit planning, quit organizing, and just let yourself feel totally helpless. It can be in our moments of complete weakness that we find the most clarity. Sometimes clarity can take a long time to find, which means you may be vulnerable for quite a while and you may not be embracing “carpe diem”, but it just means you’re human. We all reach a point in life that changes, immobilizes, and shatters us; that is when we need to just breath and enjoy the anti gravity affect.

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