My Favorite Things


Coffee is not an exclusive morning treat. I believe coffee happens when ever you wake up, regardless of the hour. I like living a healthy lifestyle, so I’m not about to agree that 12 cups a day is okay. One cup of delicious steaming coffee or ice cold black coffee with cream is enough to make my day feel ten times better, regardless of my circumstances or current feeling. Coffee is my small comfort, it fills the house with a refreshing aroma and soothes my fuzzy head in the morning.


SNAPPLE aka Raptor Tea

I love almost all flavors of Snapple, but raspberry tea is my husband and I’s grocery shopping treat. It has become a staple in our food shopping experience. Whether it is a cold rainy afternoon or it’s sunny and hot, Snapple is always our sweet treat. Somehow raspberry tea transformed into the phrase “raptor tea”, we always seem to make up funky phrases.



Jazz is one of my favorite types of music: Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Buble are a few of my favorite musicians. While most of today’s popular music is fun, there is nothing like the classic music that Michael Buble brings back and artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Sinatra made epic.

One thought on “My Favorite Things

  1. Neil says:

    excellent choices! coffee and snapple are two of my favorite things too.

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